Larv i solrosfrön :(

Kom på att jag glömt berätta om mitt fynd häromdagen! Hittade nämligen en liten levande (!!!)  larv och två flygande saker i mina solrosfrön. BLÄK!

Minns inte om jag köpte dem på Scotts eller Towers, men Bankok Sunflower ska jag definitivt inte köpa igen!

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  1. Johanna   •     Author

    Hi Toni!
    If you’ve read my blog properly you’ll know that i loved Malta and had a wonderful time there. And again, if you’d read my blog properly you would know that I don’t live there anymore, I’ve already left! Thank you, and all the maltese people for letting me stay for more than 1,5 in your beautiful country. It was truly an amazing time!

    Kind regards

  2. toni bonello   •  

    so typical swedish always finding something to complain about!! you are never happy you must attack other nationalities so you can feel better…why dont you leave our maltese islands? go back to your country where u belong.i have loads of stuff about swedish people to write but i found out that throughout the world swedish are known for two things>>> bitterful and evil-hearted. that says it all / please go back to your cold country and leave us maltese alone!!! youre not wanted here

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